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About Us

About Us

ANT - Creative Solutions, Where Innovation Meets Creativity

Powering Businesses with Digital Innovation

Have you ever seen an ant lift something 50 times its weight? That’s us at ANT – Creative Solutions! Like those powerful little creatures, we’re a team of tech-loving and design-obsessed ready to hoist your business to towering heights.

Our Story

Embarking on a Journey

From a tiny twinkle in the eye in Cuba to wowing customers all over the globe from our Miami base, we’re like the coffee beans of the digital world: small but mighty. We are code-cracking Computer Scientists and innovative Designers who can rocket-fuel your business growth with Creative Solutions.

The human element

What's our secret? Great people.

Think about the humble ant. Small but mighty, working harmoniously with the colony to achieve great things. That’s our team! And, just as ants can build an impressive colony, we create unique creative solutions with the power of technology and design!

Our values


We strive for excellence in every project, prioritizing quality and continuous improvement to exceed client expectations in digital solutions.


We believe in the power of teamwork. We collaborate seamlessly, pooling our diverse skills to deliver solutions that are more than the sum of their parts.


We strive to operate with transparency, honesty, and respect. Our decisions are made with our clients and team members' best interests in mind.


We keep our finger on the pulse of emerging technologies, ensuring that we deliver future-ready solutions.


We love what we do, and our passion drives us to deliver exceptional results in every project.

Client First

We believe in building lasting relationships rooted in trust, mutual respect, and a shared commitment to success.

Tech stack
What we do

Our Services

With ANT – Creative Solutions, you have a reliable partner ready to help you navigate the digital landscape. Our offerings are designed to empower your business, delivering the tools and strategies you need to achieve success.

Web Design

We develop high-quality, user-friendly websites that align with your brand identity and business goals, providing an excellent user experience.

Internet Marketing

We provide data-driven marketing strategies, using AI and automation to maximize your reach and engagement, driving growth and enhancing your brand visibility.

Custom Code

We write custom code that specifically cater to your unique business needs, ensuring optimal performance and functionality.

Process Automation

We design intelligent systems to automate repetitive tasks, enhancing productivity and freeing your team to focus on strategic initiatives.

Artificial Intelligence

Our AI solutions help you make sense of complex data, provide superior customer service, and optimize your business operations for peak performance.

Custom Design

Our maestro designers align creativity with your business goals, delivering art that stands out and tells your brand's story effectively.

Our Team

Yasmany Arcia

Chief Technology Officer

Adriano Flechilla

Chief Product Officer

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a comprehensive suite of digital services including Web Design & Development, Custom Development, Process Automation with AI, Internet Marketing, SEO optimization, and Custom Design Solutions.

We approach each project as a unique opportunity to provide innovative solutions. We collaborate closely with our clients, understanding their specific needs and challenges, to develop tailored solutions that fuel business growth.

Our team consists of seasoned Computer Scientists and Designers, with a strong background in science and technology, who are passionate about providing innovative digital solutions.

The seed of ANT – Creative Solutions was sown in Cuba, many years ago. Since then, we have grown to establish our headquarters in Miami, with a team that extends across the globe.

We embrace change, constantly keeping up with the latest technological trends and advancements. Our team is committed to lifelong learning, continuously expanding their knowledge and skills to provide cutting-edge solutions.

We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach, our unwavering commitment to our clients, and our passion for innovation. We don’t just provide services; we build strong partnerships, helping businesses achieve their goals with creative solutions.

We believe in sustainable business practices and make conscious efforts to minimize our impact on the environment. Sustainability is one of our core values, reflecting in the way we operate and the solutions we provide.

Our payment structure is project-dependent. We usually require a portion upfront, with the rest due upon project completion. However, we’re open to discussing a payment structure that suits your needs.

We uphold a strict commitment to excellence. Our processes involve thorough quality checks and feedback cycles to ensure we deliver top-tier solutions that meet our clients’ expectations.

Simply get in touch with us through our contact form or call us directly. Our team will guide you through the process and discuss the best digital marketing solutions for your business.